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Your BMW has sensors on the brake pads that light up a warning when the pad wears very thin. When this happens the brakes need to be serviced nearly immediately. At Pine Ridge Imports of Naples we inspect your brakes at every maintenance. This allows you to anticipate the need for brake service before the urgency necessary when the warning light comes on. Also, the sensors are only on one side of one of the pads. Occasionally the brake pads wear unevenly and if the area with the greater wear is the side without the sensor the pads can actually be totally worn out before the warning comes on.

The brake rotors, which are the discs that the brake pads squeeze against to stop your car also wear. When the thickness of these rotors reach a specified minimum thickness they must be replaced also. If there is a shuddering feel when braking it may indicate that the brake rotors are worn unevenly or warped thus requiring replacement.

There are other components to your brake system such as your master cylinder, anti-lock components and brake lines. We Inspect your entire brake system to insure that your vehicle is stopping properly and safely.