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Pine Ridge Imports utilizes the latest factory diagnostic equipment, specialized tools and training to determine the cause of your engines problem and correct it.

Check Engine Light- There are over a hundred causes for a check engine light to appear on your Mercedes instrument cluster. First we use the latest factory diagnostic computer to read the “codes” or messages stored in your computer. This does not necessarily provide the definitive answer but provides vital information regarding the direction to continue our diagnosis. we then look at specific engine performance data through the computer to zero in on the exact cause of the malfunction. Is it a fouled spark plug, defective ignition coil, damaged wire, defective mass air sensor or other sensor or is it simply a cracked breather hose allowing air into places it shouldn’t?

The feeling of an engine running rough or shaking especially at a stop light with no check engine light could actually be caused by collapsed engine mounts. We carefully inspect and measure the mounts to determine if this is the cause.